Ella Wang Olsson Holly Telfer Dustin James Annelie Vaes Naomi Moonlion Ain Aaron Kopp Dario di Palantonio Catie Michel Pedro Latas Zofia KRZYŻANOWSKA Aaryan Sinha

“A term is a word or phrase used to describe a thing or to express a concept, especially in a particular kind of language or branch of study.”

We all communicate - each day. Speaking the same language with one another, using the same terms, and assume they would have the same meaning for the other as for us. But do the terms we use have the same meaning for all of us? While general definitions and meanings are learned and collectively accepted to codify our communication, individual interpretations of them get shaped by personal experience, cultural background, upbringing, and emotional relations towards it.

“Relational Terms”

is an online exhibition that aims to understand these unique interpretations by inviting artists to interpret a term through their works. Through this, Spectrum and the collaborating artists co-materialize and shape the the exhibition together by adding new interpretations and translations to it. “Relational terms” is an investigative exhibition, which expands and learns over time. Each week a new artist will add their artistic language and understanding of the term. The result of this is a continuously evolving and growing exhibition, prototyping a „dictionary“ of contemporary artistic languages and understandings. While each artist’s contribution is a solo exhibition, the contributions together become a collective “Gesamtkunstwerk” through the exhibition’s format. Allowing to expand our preconceived notions of the term through their eye and choice of materilistion. Curating in process

For the first period, the term of relation is NATURE - What is nature? How is nature? Why nature? Where is nature? What is nature for you? What is my nature?