The dimension of desire through the performative work of Kevin Table appears to us through the medium of the body and dance. The artist presents Plateau n.1, a videography work, part of a series of films produced and directed by Victor Bastidas (Sictor). In this 1:56min video format, Kevin Table dances, navigating himself through the urban Parisian architecture. In « Plateau n.1» the main focus depicts the performer navigating space and time. From beginning to end, the body shows a progressive motion that reacts and shape-shifts according to what space or what emotions he finds himself in. The teleportation effect coming from the sequencing makes the viewer wonder about the notion of a portal, the landscape, and the body language. Contemporary dancer Kevin Table's practice has developed into a personal and unique style that combines electro-dance (popping/house), experimental research, and Voguing. In the context of the exhibition, we asked Kevin about his definition of desire and how much this last is conducting and influencing how he navigates himself into the crowded international dance scene. For him, desire is a resource and motivation for constant research. Not only is Table researching perfection, but he quests how to lead his own mind. This desire is something omnipresent, keeping Kevin Table in a constant development of his practice. When we think about movement, we can question if movements have inherent destinations. When he was asked, « do you have and what is your space of desire? » Kevin led us to Kepler-452b. Kepler-452b is an exoplanet, a super terrestrial earth, and is five time bigger that planet Earth. This is the name of Kevin’s dance collective. Kevin’s desire to explore new habitable worlds and shape an alliance within the collective, is a strong signifier of the dancer's passion and dedication to scaled adventures. Almost identical in physics to the human species, but profoundly different, the collective represents divergence. These dancers are not just human, they have taken another step, reached a level of knowledge of themselves, through the exploration and the taming of their own body. Thus this manifests the desire for emancipation but also for acceptance of other systems of thought, sensitivities and identity, in a societal context which continues to oppress precious minorities.

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Could you introduce yourself?

Hiiii my name is Kevin Table aka / K-Neu

How would you describe your practice?

Research 🔬/ never ending loop of movement + trying some innovations by pushing my self to discover new stuff and new sounds.

What does desire mean to you?

Desire for me can mean Passion and dedication/ motivation to accomplish someone or something.

How much does desire shape the way one behaves and navigates the world?

Well to me it depends only on one spiritual and intellectual . And how one can choose to react to this very specific reality.

Why did you choose to present this work in this exhibition ?

Because it represents one of my best work until I’ll have something else to show hahah But more seriously that was one of the first time that I could be very honest with my expression and my dance for brand !Which feels very nice still to this day

Does such a space exist for you?

Sometimes there’s yeah, on special event, dance battle events.

Could you describe what it is?

Kepler 452b and the 104.

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