In the context of this exhibition, Noor Remmen presents a body of work, that depicts the personal and intimate story of the artist. Through filming and epistolary writing mediums, is shaped a retrospective around the thoughts pattern, the shape-shifts and motion of desire that travels across their personal life to their artistic life. Through their writing in « Little Diary about Desire and the Unknown » Remmen immerses us in they introspections. Through which a game of gazes is set up, between their gaze which is introspective and ours, exterior and yet so intimately able to recognize and be afflicted by a same desire: that of being loved. Through their diary, we are let able to read the desire for love, approached with criticism, resilience and sensitivity. In a way, the work raises the consciousness that the desire to be loved translated into rituals and stratagems such as seduction. As they write about their relationships, love life and sex life, they inherently question it mechanism. Appetites that we might not understands; attractions that we might not rationally explain to ourselves, affairs that consume us: are love and desire, by any means and end suffering? Maybe part of an answer is contained inside the next film medium « As Consciousness is harnessed by the Flesh ». Viewed through the up-close perspective , one main figure displays a canvas for our silent projections. As we look the bloody flesh, we hear an immaculate soft spoken voice that seems to stand outside of the scene, as if the consciousness has left this body and would map back itself from a distance.

About Noor

Noor Remmen is a human being. One that likes to write from time to time, work with bodies from time to time and watch horror movies from time to time. You could call that art making or you could call that passing the time, trying to make sense of the world around them. They are sure about one thing though their interest in human relations and interactions. Friendships influence their work as much as they do their personal life. They often wonder how much their thought patterns are really their own or placed there in a loving way my the conversations they love to document. They could be called obsessive, rethinking and revisiting old relationships, interviewing them, opening up old hurt. But what they’re actually trying to do is heal along the way, build fruitful queer communities and maybe grow into archipelagos. They want to eat, they want to be eaten. I think they just want to be loved. But don’t we all.

« Little Diary about Desire and the Unknown »

For this project I will switch to talking about myself. When I came across the concept for the show specifically desire it reminded me about my diary, my thesis writing the past year and how I desire so much. Last week I went on a date with a guy, he had asked me out so I assumed his intentions were romantic, in the end he just wanted to see me as a friend. I got slightly angry, confused mostly, why did you ask me out on a date then? I wondered. I desire real physical human intimacy, a connection of some sort. It wasn’t there. We both felt that. He also told me that he was intimidated by how present I was, how much I gave, he felt like he needed to perform a certain way to give that back. I give to much presumably because I expect much. Over the past year I’ve been documenting my sex life, my love life and my friendships, all separate lives that in the end fused together. This footage, video and audio of interviews, dinners, private conversation and performances has been sitting still on my laptop for some time now. I’m trying to deconstruct it now, look back, listen back and hopefully come to a new understanding. Many of these conversations are deeply personal and I often wonder how much I really should share. I’ve been sharing a lot these past two years, objectifying myself from time to time. What do all these haptic bodies on my screen mean to me, show of me, show of my friends? What does this voice recording mean? Is it research? Is it my life documented? I hope to find out.

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