My name is Ella and I am a half Chinese half Swedish artist currently based and studying in the Netherlands. My creative practice tends to be flowing between the digital and the analog, often combining the two and exploring the boundaries of their combination though storytelling, collaboration and visual means. My work is mainly found in forms of video and painting, however I also work with ceramics, 3d Animations and printmaking seeking to use mediums of the 2D and 3D world to think and tell through making. My work moves its way through questions I encounter in my day to day life - dwelling on thoughts about power structures and our absurd existence. I learn though my process, catching myself unlearning narratives while finding ways to create new ones - in fact recently I’ve come to the understanding of the power that collaboration brings in the art world and in life; pushing away from the artist as an autonomous genius and towards more dynamic and expansive ways of creating. Understanding, dissecting and parodying elements of media today is important in my work; I use video editing as a medium in itself - cutting up home made videos, reforming them to tells stories beyond the ‘real’ and moving towards the realms of the surreal and digitalized mosh, some may know as the internet. I am fearful of how mass media technology works in tandem with the ideals of capitalism - teaching and manifesting egomania - the clout seeking hype youths of today.


For this exhibition I’ve decided to show a combination of one of my most recent paintings End of the World;WORMZ with a longer working project called Klimat Control that was made together with Toran Wolstencroft. Both works deal with the inevitable doom we are moving towards as a result of changing climate and disaster; and by embracing the ideas of nonsense and knowing that nothing really matters, being at peace and happy that it will all come to an end…

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