“Autodidacticism is education without the guidance of masters such as teachers and professors or institutions such as schools.”

Let us be our own masters and teachers. Let us learn from and with another and create the future together. Spectrums’ autodidact approach to curation is a process of ongoing learning, in which its practice, process, and outcome evolves through each program, artist, exhibition, and event. It puts the platform into a constant dialog, in which each artist also interacts, shapes, and broadens the terms it encounters.

Rather than dictating the content, it co-materializes in cooperation what’s on display. Each artist becomes part of the curation process and influences its development. Spectrum believes that the only way to achieve this through asking questions and finding the answers together.

Only by starting without an idea, something genuinely new and different can emerge; only if we listen to what’s out there and explore can we shape a new future. How can we imagine a better world while being constraint by the rules of the current? By creating an environment free from the biases of the established system of traditional power relationships, navigating carefully through an ever-changing and developing world to find answers through collaborative exploration and learning through practice.