I use my work to discuss the negative impact our world that revolves around visual culture has posed. My work fixates on the beauty and power of our bodies through reimagining human experience and dialogues through my illustrated and animated style which considers feminism and equality. In my style, I have created a devil figure as my main distinctive character; this figure presents the deeper societal views that have been ingrained into women that control their own perceptions and understanding of femininity. The media has become hyper-focused on portraying femininity as vulnerable where a woman's value is based on her ability to conform to preset standards. This drives me to focus on the beauty and power of women by taking these tropes that paint femininity in a negative manner and use them on my own terms.


This piece tells the journey of someone who is struggling to understand and embrace the reality of their femininity mentally and physically. It presents a warm mood that I intend to communicate elements of healing and community where the audience can understand that we can support each other in order to overcome the pressures placed on ‘the feminine. Due to the subjectivity of each person’s experience of femininity, it was important to keep my scope wide when considering the concept behind the animation. This was highlighted by the discussions I had with people about feminine ideals, the emotions behind these stories and dialogues fed into the development of visuals and storyline in a deep manner. This aided in creating a thoughtful atmosphere that presents a light and ethereal piece.

For the storyline, I considered the stories I have heard and therefore developed the storyline to represent healing. In the animation, the main character considers their appearance in the mirror which leads to their mind setting alight as negative thoughts trap them. A large figure comes to the window and removes them from this darkness and then bathes them in light and water. This represents the journey from loss to empowerment and contentment by having the main character filled with support, love, and power by the goddess, ultimately providing the positive idea of acceptance and emotional healing. Keeloh’s audio retains the ambiance of the piece by bringing a serenity and comforting presence; its dream-like elements add to the atmosphere I intended to create through the combination of the audio and visuals.