We Will Build An Unclear Future

by Hee Eun Kim

Render by Matas Buckus

This collection is about the phenomenon that people judge each individuals’ values simply by physical appearance. It is related to the term ‘lookism’ which defined as a discriminatory treatment towards people based on the outer looks.

In other words, because good-looking people are perceived to be more attractive and considered as a high social status, they are able to obtain more opportunities.

When the world insists on highlighting only the pretty people, the rest of them are left behind and being anonymous. Prejudice and stereotypical values based on appearance are prevalent in many countries but it has become a critical issue in South Korea.

The Nature of A Paradox

Life is beautiful but for some,

more than others

-Dukes of Chutney

(lyrics from fashion show music).

Human In Scaffolding,

Vice Versa

Living In The Shadow:

“If you don’t study hard, you will be like that.”

Korean parents teach their children in a way leads to misperception.

What They Carry, It Means:

No one knows what they did before.

Orderly Chaos:

Functional but no functions. The signs are no longer fit to convey the proper meanings because of unexpected circumstances.

Artificial Paradise:

visible and invisible rules in the society, superficial judgements

Create an order in the world that does not exist


During "IN CONVERSATION WITH.." we want to give the artists through a series of questions to introduce themselves and to relate their practice and their work to the topic of the exhibtion. Welcome HEE EUN KIM:


My name is Hee Eun Kim and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion and textile at KABK (Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague) in 2020. I’m currently based in the Netherlands and exploring the world.


If I would describe in one word, it would be “chaos.” You will understand one of my many interests through my work and I can explain it but it is yet fixed clearly. I will always develop and focus on the potential for changes. Therefore, I like to hear when people are look at the outcome and translate their own definitions. It gives me new perspective to see the work.

What has the most significant influence on your works?

Most of my researches are beginning with my experiences and surroundings. It can be my cultural background or cultural differences or anything that I find interesting in daily life.

Why did you choose to show… during relational terms?

One of my collections called “ We Will Build An Unclear Future” is research based project translated into clothings. I would like to introduce my process until the outcome through relational terms. There are selective layered storylines related to the societal issue you can follow.

What does revolution mean to you?

The word ‘revolution’ itself gives me very mixed feelings. It reminds me of Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet by Aristotle. It is like keep trying and going on until the unknown end, yet reachable.

What is your relation to the term “revolution”?

The Unknown End ? As I describe my practice, I am more into potentials, possibilities and progress. There will be a change while going through so many steps and layers and this is how I would define the first step of revolution.

Would you consider yourself an activist?

I personally think myself not in most of time but I do something to right a wrong. Sometimes, I have very strong interest and opinion about certain topics. In that case, I will do my best to take an action on my own. Am I an activist?