Spectrum is a multidisciplinary platform designated to understand contemporary culture. We create spaces in the digital and the physical realm to explore, investigate and learn together. Through the eyes of upcoming and renewed artists who question structures of power and society at large within their multidisciplinary practices— we aim to understand our time’s societal questions and find answers to them together. We move, grow and develop our programs in line with the artists we collaborate with at the intersection of contemporary and popular culture.


Spectrum intends to challenge the means under which contemporary art gets displayed currently. We center around the artist’s practice, in which Spectrum co-facilitates and co-materializes ideas. Only together can we develop new ways of understanding what and how an exhibition can be. Spectrum blurs the lines between the digital and the physical to allow artists to communicate with their audiences. Each artistic practice and each understanding broadens our platform’s parameters and leads to a process of constant learning- enabling a direct and engaged materialization of their ideas.


We follow an autodidact approach towards curation, meaning that we aim to explore rather than dictate how we see the contemporary. Each exhibition and each artist’s practice helps rethink what art can be and helps develop new features and ways of display — curating environments across the borders of disciplines that open new communication channels and understandings. This approach focuses on working closely together with each artist individually to achieve this. Based on the belief that we collectively find the best forms of communication for their ideas and present their work in the best possible way.


Spectrum aims to facilitate a platform for emerging and renewed artists, rooted in the belief that Institutions, museums, and galleries created systems where the artists are no longer in focus. We firmly believe this needs to stop, and the artist’s needs should be at the center of this process. We want to achieve a more fair and open environment for artists and give back control by reimagining the terms of collaboration. Our goal is to enable artists to profit from their participation and develop passive income streams outside the display of their works, to create a fair and equal working environment.